News February 16, 2018

Bay Area Developers Are Turning To Automated Parking

The Bay Area is known for technological innovation, and developers in this area are some of the earliest adopters of automated parking. Although countries like Germany and Japan have been using automated parking for decades, since they faced more severe space constraints post-World War II, the U.S., with its relative abundance of land suitable for garages, has […]

News February 15, 2018

This Company Is Bringing Fully Automated Parking Coast To Coast

The Hive and Star Tower are not, as their names might suggest, the secret bases of crime fighters Green Hornet and Green Arrow. These structures are packed with impressive technology, and they are saving developers money and square footage while cleaning up the streets. The Hive, in Oakland, California, and Star Tower, in Long Island City, New […]

News February 14, 2018

Automated Parking Systems Are Cost-Effective, Versatile and Space-Saving

Nationwide, land values and density in urban areas are increasing as viable plots for parking lots and garages dwindle. City policymakers and residents often agree traditional above-ground parking, while necessary, is aesthetically displeasing; meanwhile, developers are finding subterranean garages increasingly expensive and logistically challenging to construct, especially in built-up areas. The current demand for parking […]

News February 12, 2018

Automated Parking Poised To Transform America’s Cities

  Automated parking is not a new concept, but technological advancements in parking systems and vehicles, combined with cities’ further densification, have made American developers and city planners reconsider it as a viable, eco-friendly, space-freeing solution. After World War II, surface-level parking came with suburban sprawl, permitted by America’s relative land abundance and the luxury […]

News May 23, 2017

Automated Parking Now Available at Upscale Idora Apartments in Oakland, CA

The Idora Apartments, located at 5239 Claremont Ave. in Oakland, CA, offers beautifully-crafted, modern apartment homes in the prime location of Oakland’s hills. This community was created to offer both private homes and a sense of community within the Temescal area. Floor plans range from one to two bedrooms, with all of the necessary modern […]


CityLift Hive Parking Structure is a Winner!

It was recently announced that CityLift’s own Hive Parking Structure is among the winners of the 2017 POP (Parade of Products) at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC). This project was one of fifteen innovative products to be chosen from various industries. It will be recognized as one of the winners at the upcoming conference […]

Blog May 10, 2017

Hive Parking Structure is Going Vertical!

Since we have broken ground back on our fully automated parking structure here in Oakland, our columns and beams are being installed and have begun to go vertical. We now have cladding and lifts are being installed as we speak! This project will be the first fully automated parking structure in the San Francisco Bay Area […]

Blog April 11, 2017

Increase Land Use at Auto Dealerships with Automated Parking

  Auto dealers in urban and expanding markets can find themselves faced with rising land costs, inventory constrained sites, non-renewable leases for off-site lots lost to development, and overcrowded parking lots that make it hard to exhibit inventory and retrieve vehicles. As auto dealerships are completely reliant on inventory to support sales and require the […]

Blog March 24, 2017

Automated Parking: What Happens if the System Goes Down?

An automated mechanical parking system is a significant investment. It must be proven and reliable, and the company providing it must be the same. This is because, eventually, the question will arise: What if the system goes down? When speaking with prospective clients, the first question asked most often of a provider is: How much […]