Blog August 11, 2018

New LA Multifamily Developments Implement Tetris-Style Parking System

Two new multifamily developments in Los Angeles are getting a unique Tetris-style semi-automated parking system that could lead to a shift in how residents park their vehicles. Beverly Hills-based Markwood Enterprises recently broke ground on a 14-unit, 16K SF multifamily property in mid-Wilshire and a 13-unit, 12K SF multifamily development in Larchmont. Each offers one […]


Automated Parking Has Arrived in South Boston

Located in South Boston is 39 A Street Condos, a brand new 23-unit luxury condominium complex with floor plans ranging from studio units to 3-bedroom homes. The residences at 39 A Street offer classic luxury and modern technology. Along with new-age technology in the homes, a brand new automated parking system has been installed for […]

Blog July 12, 2018

The Power of Automated Parking for Self-Driving Cars

Large-scale deployment of autonomous vehicle fleets is rapidly approaching. Among the key issues that need to be resolved is “where will the cars go when they are not being used?” One can easily envision commuters will summon rides in the morning and evening. During the middle of day some of the fleet will be used […]

News July 4, 2018

Automated Parking Comes to the US

While automated parking facilities are commonplace in Germany, Japan and China, they are gaining momentum in North America. By the late 1980s, as automobile ownership skyrocketed in Germany and Japan, the automated parking industry in these countries took off. Today, Japan alone has about 1.6 million parking spaces in automated parking facilities, where some sort […]

News May 9, 2018

CityLift Completes First Of Their Kind Projects In North America

Two Automated Parking Lift Projects in the Bay Area Use Innovative Designs to Solve Residential Parking Challenges “CityLift Parking, a leading provider of automated parking lift solutions, has completed automated parking projects in Oakland and San Francisco, each of which is the first of its kind in North America.” Read Full Article on PR Newswire    

News April 23, 2018

Denver’s parking needs are starting to require big-city solutions | Denverite

  It’s called a puzzle lift. As you swipe your key fob, a hidden system begins to rumble beneath your apartment and a mass of parked vehicles writhes to make way for your car which, within a few minutes, rises into view. This could be the future Denver’s parking: smart systems that maximize square (cubic?) footage and allow for […]

Blog March 16, 2018


  What do people say about automated parking? Some testimonials we’ve received from customers and users of the system: “We have several new projects that I am using to promote your product. I am such a huge proponent of the systems.” “I can’t imagine not using automated parking” “I love my new parking space.  Its […]

Blog March 15, 2018


  What companies build automated parking? We get asked this question a lot. We understand the need for you to do your homework when considering automated parking for your project. Besides CityLift, other companies that manufacture automated parking systems include: Klaus Multiparking Unitronics Harding Steel Park Plus Westfalia Automotion Sackett Parking Robotic Parking When looking […]



  How safe and reliable are automated parking systems? Although relatively new to the US, automated parking systems have been a central component to parking in Europe and Asia for over 30 years, and there is an extensive amount of experience and information on reliability. As for safety, it’s critical that the product meets US […]

Blog March 14, 2018


  How much does an automated parking system cost? While there isn’t a single prescribed price on how much automated parking systems will cost, it’s important to understand the factors that influence price.  Some things to consider: Type of product: Prices will vary greatly based on the level of automation.  Manual “stackers” will be the […]