CityLift Puzzle™

Our most popular and versatile mechanical parking solution is the Puzzle. You can build up to a 7 level configuration; with or without pits and is ideal for new construction or retrofits. This mechanical parking lift also works in a tandem configuration without impacting retrieval time. They are widely used in residential, mixed use, and public garages in impacted urban areas. Replacing traditional stackers with the Puzzle can drastically reduce valet costs since each space is independently accessed. The Puzzle can be used indoors or outdoors and requires a minimum clear height of 11’ 7 3/4” beginning with the 2 level system.

  • Average Retrieval Time: 33 seconds
  • Levels: Up to 7 Levels
  • Spaces Installed: 30,000
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Featured Property

Bento Box Living 1267 3rd Ave S, Nashville, TN 37210

Small footprint living goes big time in Fall 2019, when Bento Box debuts in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. 89 residential and mixed-use apartment units geared toward creative entrepreneurs will offer economy and sustainability combined with the amenities of hotel living.

CityLift’s automated parking will feature a 5-Level Puzzle system consisting of 83 spaces. This will be the first of its kind for the city of Nashville.

  • Configuration: Puzzle
  • Levels: 5
  • Number of spaces: 83
  • Developer: Bento
  • Building Type: Mixed-Use
  • Completion Date: 2019
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