News October 31, 2018

Future Proof Parking

As posted in: With new plans for a twenty-eight-story tower at the Motor Mart garage, yet another parking structure in Boston is getting an upgrade. The list of garages being either renovated or torn down to make way for new development is long within the city. The demolition of the Garden Garage was completed over […]

Blog October 20, 2018

CityLift Parking Embarks On Project to Future-Proof Parking

With a clear vision for the future of automated vehicles, parking technology company, CityLift Parking has begun developing solutions that will integrate its complete automated parking solutions with automated vehicles. CityLift is working with leading automated vehicle companies, helping them to develop smart solutions to the developing parking problem. As these companies are still in […]

News October 4, 2018

A new approach to parking for dealerships facing site size constraints

Auto dealers in urban and expanding markets can find themselves facing rising land costs, inventory constrained sites, non-renewable leases for off-site lots lost to development, and overcrowded parking lots that make it hard to exhibit inventory and retrieve vehicles. As auto dealerships are completely reliant on inventory to support sales and require the space necessary […]


How to Adapt to Changing Parking Needs

By Lisa Brown Due to diminished single-occupancy cars with the use of ride sharing, autonomous cars or other alternative forms of transportation, developers are looking at ways to provide the right amount of tenant parking without running the risk of killing projects. Some developers are mulling over planned parking in mixed-use projects. In 10 to 15 […]