March 14, 2018



How much does an automated parking system cost?

While there isn’t a single prescribed price on how much automated parking systems will cost, it’s important to understand the factors that influence price.  Some things to consider:

  • Type of product: Prices will vary greatly based on the level of automation.  Manual “stackers” will be the least expensive, fully automated systems the most expensive, with semi-automated “puzzle” lift systems usually priced between each of the other two product types.
  • Quality of product: The quality of the manufactured product can affect price.  As an example, an electric motor manufactured in Germany and one from China of the same horsepower may vary greatly in cost, which will affect price.  The critical question here is to confirm the useful life and product reliability trade-offs embedded in lower cost options.
  • Site-specific requirements: Pricing will usually reflect the cost of installation.  This will vary based on the number of spaces being installed, and whether these are in a new building, on a surface lot, or a retrofit. Other customized items may also come into play, such as the foundation, the size of the spaces, whether or not an exterior cover is required.
  • Geography: Labor rates will vary based on the market and whether the project is union or non-union, and these will be factored into the price.  In addition, shipping and handling will vary based on the location.
  • Operating Expense: A reliable provider will offer a warranty and service program which is usually priced into a multi-year contract.  The type of product and type of use will influence how much parking operator support cost is needed.  For example, manual stackers may require a valet operation for their use, which may result in a higher total price over their life than with other types of products.

CityLift works with customers and their unique situation to determine these costs. For more information on pricing an automated parking system, feel free to contact us anytime. We are ready to answer any questions you have.

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