October 20, 2018

CityLift Parking Embarks On Project to Future-Proof Parking

With a clear vision for the future of automated vehicles, parking technology company, CityLift Parking has begun developing solutions that will integrate its complete automated parking solutions with automated vehicles.

CityLift is working with leading automated vehicle companies, helping them to develop smart solutions to the developing parking problem. As these companies are still in their infancy prioritizing technological advancements, they have limited resources to consider the issues surrounding parking and the necessary acquisition of real estate.

Currently, urban parking faces a huge challenge. In cities, such as New York, Chicago and San Francisco, many developers are no longer including parking in their plans, resulting in more congestion as cars circle the city trying to find a place to park.

CityLift’s automated parking solutions make it possible to store thousands of vehicles in a limited space, helping to solve the parking problem. And, by working with automated vehicle companies, CityLift has the potential to provide solutions that will revolutionize city center parking in the future.

In the era of automated vehicles, CityLift envisions car ownership functioning differently, making innovative solutions and new partnerships essential to future-proofing. Brandon Richardson, CityLift Parking’s CTO explains more: “In the future, people will not require their own vehicle, instead they will be able to summon a fully-charged, shared vehicle from a nearby garage, which we can design manufacture and install.”

CityLift has already prepared for the rise in electric vehicles as all CityLift parking spaces have the capability to offer EV charging. And, as the fully-automated systems are IoT connected they can monitor the charging status of each vehicle and in fully automated solutions, move vehicles around the garage as necessary. Looking ahead to the future, CityLift has built in the foundation that makes it possible to retrofit systems that will integrate with automated vehicles.

“By building in the foundation now, we are providing our customers additional value that they can leverage in the future, preparing for the future of automated vehicles. A future where our technology enables a customer to summon a car at the press of the button, and makes vehicles circling cities for a space, a thing of the past” Brandon Richardson, CTO, Citylift Parking.

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