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April 6, 2021

CityLift Automated Parking Newsletter – Welcome!

CiyLift Smart Parking Newsletter

Welcome to the CityLift Automated Parking Newsletter. Around here, we consider 2021 to be the year of the puzzle.

The CityLift PuzzleTM is our most popular and versatile mechanical parking solution. Why? For many developers, and architects, parking challenges pose real problems. Sometimes there is no way to meet parking count requirements using surface parking or conventional parking structures.

In this case, automated parking lift systems can be used to save from 40% to 80% of the space required by traditional parking solutions. For example, a one-acre surface lot can accommodate about 124 vehicles using 43,560 square feet. A seven-level CityLift Puzzle requires just 6,534 square feet to accommodate the same number of vehicles.

How much space can you save? It depends on the specifics of your project and the type of configuration you choose. The table below provides an idea of how much space you can save with various configurations of the CityLift Puzzle:

CityLift Puzzle parking space savings

Puzzle Systems are now available with built-in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. Charging solutions can be customized to fit your project’s current and future needs, whether you require a few charging stations or 100 percent electrification. You can learn more about CityLift Puzzle systems and puzzle parking and other custom parking solutions on our blog, or subscribe to the Automated Parking Newsletter

Video: 5X profits on saved space with a CityLift Puzzle Lift

Now that you know how much space can you really save, here’s how to max out profits on the saved space. Check out this short video to learn how to multiply profits on the space you save:


In any development project, living space is more important – and more profitable – than parking space. Our goal is to shrink the parking footprint as much as possible to free up space for income-producing assets or amenities that are desirable to homebuyers, renters, or shoppers. You can watch the video below with CityLIft CEO Scott Gable to explore your profit potential with a simple example of a planned residential project. Visit the CityLift Blog to see the steps to 5X profits!

Data Points:

At the same time the economy picks up steam, US builders face costs increases in materials such as lumber, brick and concrete, which could slow construction and cause projects to be re-evaluated.

Steel has been in short supply for US builders and manufacturers in 2021. Prices have risen accordingly, pushing costs higher and squeezing profits. Look for spirited discussions on steel tariffs, where manufacturing groups who rely on steel are pushing to end to tariffs, while US steel industry groups will lobby to keep them in place.

Labor costs also are expected to increase this year from 2% to 5%, according to Jones Lang LaSalle. Bottom line: As construction costs continue to increase as they have in the past few years, developers are looking for ways to expedite project development and find the savings in every project.

You can learn more about CityLift Puzzle LiftTM systems and puzzle parking and other custom parking solutions at our website, or check out the videos at CityLift’s YouTube Channel.

To get started with your own Puzzle Lift Parking project, contact a CityLift Smart Parking Concierge today.

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