May 23, 2017

CityLift Hive Parking Structure is a Winner!

It was recently announced that CityLift’s own Hive Parking Structure is among the winners of the 2017 POP (Parade of Products) at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC). This project was one of fifteen innovative products to be chosen from various industries. It will be recognized as one of the winners at the upcoming conference in San Diego, June 27th through the 29th.

What is PCBC and POP?

The PCBC is an annual tradeshow dedicated to promoting all elements of homebuilding and related businesses. It is considered the largest conference of its kind in the west coast area. Each year, people in a wide range of building industries—architects, engineers, contractors, homebuilders, and more—come from around the world to participate.

The Parade of Products award honors “outstanding achievements in innovation and new product development.” Eligible entries are products that have been on the market no more than 18 months and must be made available by a certain time if they are not yet available.

Other amazing winners this year are:

  • American Standard’s ActiClean® Self-Cleaning Toilet
  • AquaTrip’s (from GSFM) Smart Meter and Valve
  • BRINC Building Products’ ThermalBuck™ High-Performance Window Buck Builders
  • Carrier Cor 7C Smart Thermostat
  • GuildQuality’s GuildQuality Crew Networking Platform
  • Keene Building Products’ EASY-FUR™ Rollable Furring Strip
  • Kichler’s LED Downlight
  • Knauf Insulation’s Integrated Roof Deck Batt
  • Moen Incorporated’s U by Moen™ Cloud-Based, App-Driven, Digital Shower
  • Pro-Flash Building Products Inc.’s Building Seal
  • Sky Technologies’ SkyPlug™ for Ceiling Fixtures
  • Slide Clear Inc.’s CLR | Multi Slide Minimal Door
  • Stonewall Fence’s Stonewall Fence Panel
  • Whirlpool® Corporation’s Wall Oven with Scan-to-Cook Technology

What This Means for Citylift

As a winner, CityLift now has recognition among the innumerable companies and representatives who attend and follow the event. Our project will be exhibited in marketing materials—both pre-show and during the event—and on social media. CityLift will get to showcase its work in a conference kiosk, designated as a POP @ PCBC winner’s booth.

More than that, this is, overall, an honor and an opportunity to exhibit CityLift as more than parking structure builders; our company supplies innovation that makes life easier not only for developers and property owners, but also for the people who utilize our systems every day for years to come.

 The Hive Parking Structure

The Hive Parking Structure is located in the SanFrancisco Bay Area. Construction for this project began in January of 2017, and The Hive is the area’s first and only fully automated parking structure. This building holds 39 parking spaces in seven levels and takes up only 1,600 square feet. Drivers using this system get to experience the efficiency of CityLift’s automated parking systems as they simply drive their car into the bay and the system parks their car for them in one of the available spaces.


For more information on POP @ PCBC, visit here. To see our Hive Parking Structure, click here.

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