February 8, 2019

CityLift Brings Automated Parking to Portland, Oregon

Originally a surface parking lot, located at 1440 NW Overton Street, sits Overton 15, a seven-story mixed-use building comprised of 68 residential units and three ground floor retail spaces designed by Vallaster Corl Architects. Using CityLift’s semi-automated parking system, Overton 15 now has a taste of the future of parking.

CityLift’s Three-Level Puzzle automated parking system eliminated the need to excavate, and it also preserved the commercial space at ground level along with ADA parking spaces and 104 bicycle parking spaces.

“If this would have been conventional parking, the project would have needed to incur substantial excavation costs to dig below grade or eliminate the first-floor retail spaces,” says Bo Oswald, Vice President and Managing Partner at Essex General Construction, whose firm built Overton 15. “Conventional parking with excavation was estimated to cost around $40,000 per space, substantially more than the cost of CityLift’s parking lifts.”

“Parking was a huge constraint on this project,” says Scott Gable, CEO of CityLift. “We couldn’t fit as many parking spaces conventionally, and stackers wouldn’t work for the target demographic because each parking space needed to be independently accessed, and our Puzzle system was the perfect solution for that.”

“The idea of automated parking is not new to the world,” says Scott Brafford, VP of Business Development for CityLift. “While it has always been popular in other countries such as Asia and Europe, it is very much a growing trend within the commercial real estate industry here in the US. We’re seeing that more and more Developers make the consideration for automated parking for a project. You can fit twice or three times as many cars in the same amount of space, sometimes less, and it’s cheaper than conventional parking. It’s a win-win-win.”

Based in Oakland, CA, CityLift Parking is a leader in automated parking systems. CityLift recently opened the first fully-automated parking system in Northern California, and just began construction on the first fully-automated parking system in Seattle, WA.

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