October 20, 2018

CityLift Begins First Install in Portland, Oregon

Originally a surface parking lot, Overton 15 is CityLift Parking’s first installation in Portland, OR. Essex General Construction is executing the mixeduse design by Vallaster Corl Architects which will stand 73’-11” tall, contain 68-residential and three ground floor retail spaces. The quarter block site is located at the corner of NW 15th Ave and Overton Street in the Pearl district. CityLift is installing a Three Level semi-automatic Puzzle System with 22 automated parking spaces that will be completed in late 2018.

CityLift’s Three Level above ground Puzzle system eliminated the need to excavate and preserved the commercial space at ground level along with ADA parking spaces and 104 bicycle parking spaces. If this would have been parked conventionally the project would have needed to incur substantial excavation costs to dig below grade or eliminate the first-floor retail spaces. Conventional parking with excavation was estimated to cost $40,000 per space, substantially more than the cost of CityLift’s parking lifts.

The building is arranged in an L-shaped plan, with a stormwater planter and private decks located at interior corner. An amenity deck for the use of the building residents is proposed at level 7.

Based in Oakland, CA, CityLift Parking is a leader in automated parking systems. They recently opened the first fully-automated parking system in Northern California in Oakland called The Hive Parking Structure.

“Parking was a huge constraint on their project,” says Gable. “We couldn’t fit as many parking spaces conventionally, and stackers wouldn’t work for the target demographic because each parking space needed to be independently accessed, and our Puzzle system was the perfect solution for that.”

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