Blog April 12, 2017

Hive Parking Structure is Going Vertical!

Since we have broken ground back in October on our fully automated parking structure here in Oakland, our columns and beams are being installed and have begun to go vertical. This project will be the first fully automated parking structure in the San Francisco Bay Area and will service 39 parking spaces. Take a look at […]

Blog April 11, 2017

Increase Land Use at Auto Dealerships with Automated Parking

  Auto dealers in urban and expanding markets can find themselves faced with rising land costs, inventory constrained sites, non-renewable leases for off-site lots lost to development, and overcrowded parking lots that make it hard to exhibit inventory and retrieve vehicles. As auto dealerships are completely reliant on inventory to support sales and require the […]

Blog March 24, 2017

Automated Parking: What Happens if the System Goes Down?

An automated mechanical parking system is a significant investment. It must be proven and reliable, and the company providing it must be the same. This is because, eventually, the question will arise: What if the system goes down? When speaking with prospective clients, the first question asked most often of a provider is: How much […]

News December 14, 2016


Via Bisnow – Chuck Sudo A growing number of multifamily developments these days are part of mixed-use, as developers are building the communities of the future. But these projects have unique challenges. Our mixed-use panel at BMAC Midwest—Citylift Parking CEO Scott Gable, Murphy Development Group president John Murphy, Higgins Development Partners CEO Jack Higgins, KTGY […]

Blog November 30, 2016

How to Solve Hospital Parking Woes

Most hospitals find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to having enough parking.  As the demand for medical services grows, many hospitals respond by expanding their facility to offer more beds and provide more care options.  These new facilities frequently take up land that was originally designated for parking, […]

Blog October 14, 2016

Maximize Land Use with Automated Parking

Automated parking systems are a thing of the present, but their full potential has not yet been reached. There are many places in which these modern systems would be perfectly suited to make parking better in a large number of ways. Owners and developers just need to be made aware of these significant advantages, such […]

News October 6, 2016

Can this Oakland company revolutionize parking in the Bay Area?

Via SF Business Times – Roland Li, Reporter Oakland-based CityLift wants to make parking more compact and automated, cutting costs for real estate developers. This week, construction will start on the company’s first automated parking tower in the Bay Area at Signature Development Group’s Hive project in Uptown Oakland. Visitors will be able to drive […]

Blog July 25, 2016

Automated Parking Permanently Changes Residential Development

The most common challenge today for apartment and condo development projects is how to handle parking.  As land becomes more expensive and lots for construction become more oddly shaped and space constrained, parking is often the difference between a project that pencils out and one that does not. At CityLift Parking, we work every day […]

Blog May 3, 2016

Automated Parking and the Benefit of Accelerated Tax Depreciation

Of the many benefits Automated Parking Systems (APS) offer, tax depreciation, particularly in comparison to standard car parks and garages, is one of the most attractive economic values. Developers could benefit from accelerated tax depreciation in as little as approximately seven years. With APS, property owners and developers are eligible for tax depreciation—a tax deduction […]